Dog Health Care: You Should Be Keen and Watchful

Your pet dog needs equal extent of health care as that of any other member in your family. He is also susceptible to diseases like cancer, diabetes,
dog health care & wellness
Your pet dog needs equal extent of health care as that of any other member in your family. He is also susceptible to diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and even emotional depression along with added diseases like heartworms and kennel cough. 

Being a responsible owner of a pet you are required to be a cautious observer of the behavioral changes and physical movements of your dog to ensure dog health care.Your dog will be performing its tasks and activities well if he is in a good health. The following information might help you to take up effective steps for dog health care.

Dog Health Care Information

We know that dogs are often the victims of diseases just like a man is. Rather it becomes quite difficult to detect your dog to be unwell since he is unable to verbally communicate with you as a member of your family can. It is you who should be keen and watchful of your dog’s behavior and the level of activity performed by him. The following are the accounts of some general diseases that a dog can be attacked with.

  • Ticks and fleas are the common health concerns for dogs. Ticks generally stay near the regions of head, neck and ears and they can cause allergies and skin irritations. Some fleas may cause anemia in dogs as they feed on the blood of your pet. 

  • Fleas are also responsible for causing other intestinal worms like tape worm, hook worm along with diarrhea and fever. Thin young puppies with pot bellies are actually because of being attacked by worms. Canine distemper and Prognosis needs special medical attention for treatment.

  • You may control the prevalence of ticks and fleas by keeping the surroundings clean and tidy. While removing ticks manually make sure of using rubber hand gloves to avoid direct contact with blood. For driving away fleas and ticks you may also use chemicals like Butox or Asuntol.

  • Parvovirus is highly infectious viral disease and if attacked by the disease your pet should immediately be taken to veterinary clinic. The disease shows symptoms like blood diarrhea, excessive vomiting, loss of appetite and restlessness. The disease is so dangerous that it can even take away life within few days in case of a big dog and merely few hours for a puppy.

  • Kennel cough or canine Para influenza though less severe than distemper but is characterized by nasal discharge and continuous dry coughing. It is a common lung disease among dogs and become severe in nature only if it is left untreated. Para influenza vaccination would be ideal for treating the disease.

  • Rabies is highly infectious disease and is also dangerous for us too as the germ can be transferred to human beings as well. The symptoms include foaming of the mouth, hydrophobia, sensitive to light, loss of appetite and even behavioral and personality changes. The only way to stay away from the disease is by getting your dog vaccinated when he or she is a little pup of about three months.

  • Canine Coronavirus is a contagious disease which is spread through feces. The incubation period is for 1 to 1.5 days and after which the dog would show up symptoms similar to that of parvovirus though mild in severity. The germs can be killed by bleaching.

  • Canine Hepatitis disease rarely occurs and the incubation period is about 4 to 9 days. The symptoms include loss of appetite, vomiting tendency, depression, discharge from eyes and nose. This disease can be eradicated by bleach.

  • Heartworm is caused by mosquitoes. The worm is about one foot and floats in blood in one of the heart’s chambers. The dog when attacked by a heart worm will suffer from poor appetite, breathing problem, repeated coughing and such. The disease can be treated with pills taken either on a regular or a monthly basis.

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