Luna the Fashion Kitty Struts the Online Catwalk

Cats wearing clothes is not something you see every day, even on the internet where you can see just about anything you can imagine

Luna the Fashion Kitty

Cats wearing clothes is not something you see every day, even on the internet where you can see just about anything you can imagine. Photos of doggies dressed to the nines, sure… but not cats. That’s because most cats are just not the clothes-wearing kind. Luna the Fashion Kitty is, however. 

This feline fashionista has been wearing cute outfits since she was just a baby, so strutting around in colorful tutus or dresses is second nature to her. Luna’s 18,000 Facebook fans are so used to seeing her with clothes on, in fact, that on the rare times she posts a photo “in the fur,” she seems totally naked!

I caught up with Luna the other day and asked her a few questions, so we could all get to know her better. I hope you enjoy her candid interview!

Julia: How old are you, and what breed are you?

Luna: I’m 5 years old, and I’m a Cream Point Himalayan Purrsian.

Julia: Most kitties hate clothes, but you seem totally comfortable in yours (dare I say, you even seem to enjoy them!). How and when did this clothes wearing thing begin?
Luna: I come from a fashionable family, my grandma had a boutique and the store next door carried furchild clothes! My momma couldn’t resist and got me an outfit, because she always had dogs and didn’t know that kitties hate clothes. Since I didn’t get the “hate clothes” memo either, I felt very good in my outfit from the beginning. That was it, I was meant to be The Fashion Kitty.

Julia: How many outfits do you have now?

Luna: Too many to count! Last time we tried to count them, there were close to 300 outfits!

Julia: What are your favorite outfits?

Luna: I look so good in EVERYTHING that is hard to have a favorite!

Julia: A common theme of your outfits seems to be frilly tutus and matching hair bows – what’s up with that?
Luna: What’s up with what? I’m very girly and we kitties jump better than any ballerina, so it’s just logical that tutus and bows are a big part of my wardrobe.

Julia: Is it hard to use your litterbox in a dress? 
Luna: Not at all! Sometimes if I’m wearing a big tutu, I leave the tutu in the box. Lol. What can I say, the hole to my kitty box is too small fur a big tutu butt!

Julia: Where do you get your clothes?
Luna: Pretty much everywhere, even in the baby purrsons department!

Julia: Are the clothes you wear made especially for cats? 
Luna: No, most of my clothes are made fur doggies but I don’t care! I just hate when the clothes say “Cute to the bone” or stuff like that because I can’t wear them…. I draw the line right there!

Julia: Are there any other feline fashionistas in the world?
Luna: Purrbably, but NOBODY is like me… fashion is in my blood, girl!

Julia: Do you like posing for the camera? 
Luna: Love it! I honestly do, because I get paid in treats… this model EATS!

Julia: Do people ever criticize your Mom for putting clothes on you?
Luna: ALL THE TIME! She gets accused of animal cruelty pretty often. Obviously those purrsons don’t know the definition of cruelty.

Julia: What famous designers would you love to see make kitty clothes?
Luna: Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Carolina Herrera, Alexander McQueen and many more!

Julia: What are your favorite toys?
Luna: I love my turbo scratcher, my Ipawd app Paint fur Cats and anything that has feathers.

Julia: When you’re not modeling your fab outfits, what do you like to do?
Luna: Honestly, I like to do beauty naps and eat well to keep my FAB curves.

Julia: What’s the best thing about being a famous internet cat?
Luna: Fur me it’s that I can help homeless Purrsians, and let’s be honest, all the gifts I get in my love box are MEGAPAWsome!

Julia: Is there a downside to feline fame?
Luna: I guess the only thing is that I can’t disappear from the public eye fur too long… my fans get worried!

Photos courtesy of Luna the Fashion Kitty

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